House Christmas Decorations

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Take Our Country Back

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Elkhorn Senator pushes bill to let child prodigy play bars

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Illegal Alien Halloween Costume creating quite a stir

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Many Hispanic Groups who sympathize with illegal aliens are crying about a costume that was being sold nation wide by stores like Target, Walgreens and but they all pulled it after being pressured by the liberal Illegal sympathizers.

The following online outlets “sold out” of their complete inventory of this fashionable Halloween Costume

Costume Kingdom


Ebay and Costume Discounters  has them last time I checked



Illegal Alien Costume 1

It’s really to bad for these big retailers to bow to these fanatic illegal alien groups , Ignoring the fact that it has become very popular. While the online outlets profit from this extraordinary Costume.

So what do you think?

"You Lie" Representative Joe Wilson says to Obama

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And Guess what? He Did


Representative Joe Wilson from north Carolina yells “You Lie” at Obama during a speech on Healthcare reform.

Mark Tapscott discovers a nugget in the analysis provided by the Congressional Research Office on HR3200, the House version of ObamaCare coming to the floor.  While Barack Obama insists that the idea that ObamaCare will cover illegal immigrants is a “myth,” the CRS points out that the bill does nothing to prevent it.  Since HR3200 doesn’t require people to establish citizenship or legal residency before applying to exchanges for health insurance, including the public option, taxpayer money will certainly flow to illegal immigrants:

Click below.

Congressional Research Service: ObamaCare will cover illegal immigrants


Just another Lie from the leading Democrat.

Thank goodness Joe Wilson had the Balls to call him on it.



Rep. Ryan to Hold a Hispanic community listening session in Delavan

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Is Ryan aiding Illegal Immigrants?

Ryan Hispanics

Ryan to Hold a Hispanic Community Listening Session in Delavan

Wisconsin’s 1st District Congressman Paul Ryan has announced that he will be holding a listening
session in Delavan on Wednesday, September 2 for members of the 1st District Hispanic
community to share their concerns and ask questions about health care reform and other important federal government issues.
El Congresista Paul Ryan tendra una platica (listening session) para la comunidad Hispana.

Date (Fecha):
Wednesday, September 2 El Miercoles 2 de Septiembre

Time/Place (Hora/Lugar):
11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Hernandez/Sarape Restaurant
212 S. 7th Street

The event will be held in English and Spanish and is open to the public. For additional
information, please call Teresa Mora at (262) 637-0510.
El evento sera conducido en Ingles y Espanol y sera abierto al publico. Para mas informacion,
favor de llamar al (262) 637-0510 y pregunte por Teresa Mora.

Call Ryan and let him Know He suppose to represent Americans


Remember Illegal Immigrants need Spanish

legal Citizens don’t!

Illegal Immigrant Website

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Welcome to DREAM Act Portal

…the largest community of undocumented students

A left wing Illegal Immigrant Website found in America

Dreamact Logo

I ran into this site Yesterday when I found this site was trying to get Lou Dobbs kicked off the air at CNN with a barrage of e-mails to the editor of CNN complaining of Lou Dobbs Racism.

This Dream Act Portal states it has over 1000 Illegal immigrant Students as members living in the USA.

If you want to Voice your opinion you may get only one chance, Because unlike the US they don’t allow free speech. You will be erased after they find you and then they will call you a troll.

Register here Today and let these Illegal Immigrants know how America feels about them and their arrogant tactics and DON”T BE POLITE, they certainly aren’t/