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No Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

April 9, 2010

Rep. Ryan to Hold a Hispanic community listening session in Delavan

August 23, 2009

Is Ryan aiding Illegal Immigrants?

Ryan Hispanics

Ryan to Hold a Hispanic Community Listening Session in Delavan

Wisconsin’s 1st District Congressman Paul Ryan has announced that he will be holding a listening
session in Delavan on Wednesday, September 2 for members of the 1st District Hispanic
community to share their concerns and ask questions about health care reform and other important federal government issues.
El Congresista Paul Ryan tendra una platica (listening session) para la comunidad Hispana.

Date (Fecha):
Wednesday, September 2 El Miercoles 2 de Septiembre

Time/Place (Hora/Lugar):
11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Hernandez/Sarape Restaurant
212 S. 7th Street

The event will be held in English and Spanish and is open to the public. For additional
information, please call Teresa Mora at (262) 637-0510.
El evento sera conducido en Ingles y Espanol y sera abierto al publico. Para mas informacion,
favor de llamar al (262) 637-0510 y pregunte por Teresa Mora.

Call Ryan and let him Know He suppose to represent Americans


Remember Illegal Immigrants need Spanish

legal Citizens don’t!

Illegal Immigrant Website

July 31, 2009

Welcome to DREAM Act Portal

…the largest community of undocumented students

A left wing Illegal Immigrant Website found in America

Dreamact Logo

I ran into this site Yesterday when I found this site was trying to get Lou Dobbs kicked off the air at CNN with a barrage of e-mails to the editor of CNN complaining of Lou Dobbs Racism.

This Dream Act Portal states it has over 1000 Illegal immigrant Students as members living in the USA.

If you want to Voice your opinion you may get only one chance, Because unlike the US they don’t allow free speech. You will be erased after they find you and then they will call you a troll.

Register here Today and let these Illegal Immigrants know how America feels about them and their arrogant tactics and DON”T BE POLITE, they certainly aren’t/



Obama Administration put limits on Immigration sweeps

July 30, 2009

Obama.Janet Napolitano

Feds put limits on immigrant sweeps

Napolitano revises local-enforcement policy

by Daniel González – Jul. 11, 2009 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano imposed strong new standards on Friday for a federal program that lets local police enforce immigration laws, saying the priority is catching and deporting dangerous criminals in the country illegally, not going after illegal immigrants who commit minor offenses.

The new guidelines could mean a change in business for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the highest-profile participant in the controversial federal program. In the past 18 months, Arpaio’s office has arrested hundreds of illegal immigrants during his controversial crime-suppression sweeps aimed mostly at traffic violators and low-level criminals.

Arpaio, who has 90 days to review the changes before deciding whether to continue participating in the program, said he believes new standards will result in the arrests of fewer illegal immigrants.

In the meantime, he vowed to continue conducting crime-suppression operations – one is planned soon – and will keep booking suspected illegal immigrants who commit even minor crimes into jail, where officers automatically check the immigration status of inmates as part of the so-called 287 (g) program.

But Napolitano made it clear Friday that targeting people who commit minor offenses is not the goal of the program. It is arresting and deporting illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes and major drug offenses.

Rest of article here………………………………..

Stop Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

June 3, 2009


For more information visit

On June 8, 2009, an ‘Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Summit’ will be held at the White House.
The meeting is behind closed doors, despite the claim of a transparent government by the Obama Administration.

Unemployment in the United States is approaching 10%, yet the Obama administration with the help of Senator Chuck Schumer (NY), is forcing ‘amnesty for illegal aliens’ upon the American people. Schumer says the t ime is now for amnesty and the American people support it! NOT TRUE!

The Obama administration has already weakened border enforcement. President Obama’s 2010 budget calls for the elimination of the State Criminal Illegal Alien Assistance Program (SCAPP). SCAPP provides $400 million to states t o offset the costs of jailing criminal illegal aliens.

American citizens will not be invited to the summit! We are not stakeholders in this discussion!!!

A bi-partisan group of lawmakers and those who have worked on immigration reform are invited. During the last push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, a massive amnesty for illegal aliens, the radical ethnocentric organization, the National Council of La Raza (The Race) and the United States Chamber of Commerce were invited to help write the bill, behind closed doors. This unholy alliance, was promoting amnesty and open borders. American citizens were completely ignored!

The only way Americans can have a voice is to contact their Senators and Congressman in huge numbers before, and especially on June 8, by phone calls, emails and faxes. They must realize trouble is brewing for any ‘path to citizenship’ scheme!!! Otherwise why would they be hiding this amnesty fest from the view of American Citizens!!!

This is an outrage against our representative government as guaranteed under the United States Constitution!!! Our elected officials are betraying us! Can you afford to remain silent???

Contact information for all Congressman and Senators:


What have illegal aliens done to deserve any path to citizenship??? They are not the responsibility of American citizens or the United States government.
Senator Schumer knows American citizens are consistently against any ‘path to citizenship’ or ‘amnesty’ for illegal aliens. (A ‘path to citizenship’ allows illegal aliens to pay a meager fine for the precious gift of American citizenship—this is how Congress attempts to say they are not giving illegal aliens ‘amnesty’ for their crime of crossing the border illegally, taking American jobs and suppressing American wages)

Who represents the majority of the American people at the ‘amnesty summit’ that oppose any path20to citizenship for the 20-40 million illegal aliens in this country?

Where is the compassion of your Senators or Congressman for Americans out of work and struggling? They are not speaking out against the many in Congress who are pushing amnesty for illegal aliens!

Do your Senators or Congressmen represent you and your family, or foreign nationals, in this country illegally?

Why hide ‘the amnesty summit’ behind closed doors away from the scrutiny of the American people?

Have you told your Senators or Congressman that you oppose any path to citizenship for illegal aliens? It is not too late to voice your concerns.